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Golden Camellia Flower With White Pearl Earrings

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  • Gold plated material with natural pearls 
  • Crafted from gold and featuring a beautiful camellia design

  • Luxurious, sophisticated finish to the piece

  • A good pair with baby pearls necklace 

Product information

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♥ Avoid exposure to chemicals

♥ please try to take off the jewelry when sleeping, so as not to crush or scratch yourself.
Pay attention to avoid contact with hard objects, bump, friction, so as not to damage the coating,

♥ Often wipe the sweat and stains off the surface with a soft cotton cloth after wearing.

♥ wear more careful. Not strong fold in half, easy to break.

♥ If you want to take it off and keep it for a long time, please clean it (such as alcohol) after collection. collect
The environment should be as sealed and clean as possible.

1.Cut out an even strip of paper, string.

2.Wrap the paper or string around the base of your finger, just below the knuckle. While doing this, take into account that the ring will need to slide over your knuckle, as many of us have knuckles that are wider than the base of our finger. Our rings were designed to be worn on all fingers, so to give yourself that option, measure your largest finger first.

3.Ensure that the paper or string is wrapped tightly around your finger for a secure fit.

4.Mark the spot where it meets and measure the distance with a ruler (in mm).

5.See our measurement chart to find your ideal ring size. If you land on a half-size, size up!